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$49 for a Transformer Convertible Infinity Dress from Wrap Magic ($250 Value)


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August 19, 2012  at 11:59 pm

This DEAL is brought to you by: build hype logo $49 for Transformer Convertible Infinity Dress ($250 Value)

The Fine Print

  • Can buy unlimited for self.
  • Can buy unlimited for gifts.
  • Cannot be combined with other offers or promotions.
  • Shipping to Canada is $9.95
  • Got questions? Call 1-888-482-9140.
Temecula, CA, USA

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WRAP MAGIC SKIRTS $49 for Transformer Convertible Infinity Dress ($250 Value)Deal Details

$49 for a Transformer Convertible Infinity dress from Wrap Magic ($250 Value)

Who wants the same old boring outfit? Transform your look every time you wear the Infinity Dress with endless variations.

  • You can transform 1 dress in to over 100 different dress styles.
  • Choose from 2 different style transformer convertible dresses and 2 different lengths (medium length or long length).
  • Choose from 8 beautiful colors: Black, Purple, Aqua Blue, Red, Pink, Sodalite Blue, Ultramarine Green and Titanium.
  • Each convertible dress fits all women size 0 to 16

How to redeem:

Purchase deal and wait 24 hours for voucher code to activate. Then select style from and complete your order. (Shipping is not included)

It’s perfect for Bridesmaid, weddings, prom dress, casual dress, special occasion or for just going out on the town. The best quality Convertible dress on the market, made of 220GSM weight material, 88% polyester and 12% spandex, others are made of 120 – 140GSM weight material and only 6% spandex and 94% polyester. Our convertible dress is silkier, softer and has much more elasticity than the others on the market.

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