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$39 for $240 Worth of Body Massage, Sea Salt Body Scrub and Hydrotherapy Treatment


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December 22, 2010
at 12:00 midnight

This DEAL is brought to you by: team buy logo $39 of Body Massage and More

Buy Details

  • Includes a 30 minute body massage, 45 minute sea salt body scrub and 30 minute jet hydro therapy session.
  • Limit of 5 per customer. Unlimited as gifts. Must call ahead to book appointment. Tax not included.
  • Can be used at Markham location or Toronto location.
  • Expires: December 25, 2011
Vendor Info: Zen Spa
8601 Warden Ave., Suite 17
Markham Ontario L3R 0B5(Map It!)
655 Dixon Road, Suite 28 Double Tree Hotel
Toronto Ontario M9W 1J3 (Map It!)
Phone: (905) 947-1668

Zen Spa1 $39 of Body Massage and MoreAbout Vendor

Reaching a zen state can result in mistaking desk chairs for beds and finding small spaces underneath tables wildly appealing. Let your body do the talking and the professionals do the walking with today’s TeamBuy: for $39 you get a 30-minute body massage, 45-minute sea salt body scrub, and 30-minute spa jet hydrotherapy treatment, from Zen Spa.

Zen Spa is the perfect place to go when you want to replenish your spirit, rejuvenate your body and relax. They offer full and half-day spa packages that will have you entering with 10,000 different things on your mind, but leaving feeling on air. All services can be customized depending on skin type, with massages, body treatments, hydrotherapy and nail care just a few of the treatment options available to you. Stepping into the spa, you won’t know what hits you, as the oasis awaits you with better health, beauty and vitality. Don’t forget that the holidays are right around the corner, so right now is the perfect opportunity to get in some well-deserved “me” time before things get so hectic you won’t know where your head is at.

With your Buy today you’ll get the full star treatment at the sprawling 2,000 square foot facility, which houses 7 VIP treatment rooms, 2 couples rooms, 2 foot spas, and a steam room. You can choose from a variety of complimentary beverages and snacks to make your stay so appealing you might never want to leave. Your spa day starts with Zen’s Signature Massage, which is a traditional Oriental massage that uses aromatherapy oil to relax and destress the whole body, helping you feel refreshed and energized. Next up is the Sea Salt Body Scrub, which is a great exfoliating body treatment using organic sea salt to slough off dead skin cells. It is finished with a precious essential oil massage to give you all over softer skin. And if that wasn’t enough, you also get a Spa Jet Hydrotherapy Treatment, which is excellent at restoring total body wellness through a myriad of Nu Voux body treatments – great at quickly restoring body vitality, paving the way to a new, positive and healthy way of living. This type of treatment is great at helping with weight loss, cellulite reduction and pain relief.

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